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5 Tips for choosing the best DNS provider for you

Choosing a quality DNS provider is an important decision. If your next plan is to conquer the Internet, you definitely need DNS infrastructure to land in the cyber world. The DNS will be the foundation to build your business. That’s why you have to make an informed choice.

There are different aspects to consider, but here you have 5 tips that can guide your search! 

1. Always check the servers’ location

As a business owner, you must clearly know your target market. While looking for a DNS provider, the objective must be that you could be as close to your clients as possible. To have DNS servers close to your market accelerates essential factors for your domain like the DNS resolution, loading time, etc. For example, if you are interested only in the European market, don’t waste time with a provider that offers a solid network all around the USA. 

Future expansion plans, if you have them, also should be considered. That you are local now doesn’t strictly mean you can’t go further tomorrow. It’s up to you!

2. The amount of DNS queries included in your plan matters!

If you are new on the Internet, you won’t precisely know how many DNS queries to expect, but you must prepare a calculation. It’s not rare that DNS plans offer limited DNS queries per month. Imagine you prepared a big campaign to promote your new domain, and it works! If you can’t answer all the visitors’ requests you get due to this limitation, your effort and investment to create such traffic will be pointless.

3. 100% uptime, it’s the best!

If your domain can’t be accessed by potential clients, you can lose them or push them directly to your competitors. So 100% uptime is the ideal everybody should look for. But yes, there are many different types and sizes of businesses out there. Some may afford downtime from time to time, but downtime is generally not desirable. It affects your reputation, growth, and profits. Prefer solid networks that can offer redundancy enough not to risk the availability of your domain. 

Don’t choose blindly! Check the providers’ uptime records first, and ask if there’s any guarantee for you in case of downtime. Frequent service outages or low uptime are red flags to discard a DNS provider. Those that include the uptime they get compromised to supply in the SLA can be more trustable.

4. Check the included features

This tip is useful not only for choosing a DNS provider but also to pick a convenient plan. DNS plans include a set of features that mean diverse functionality for your domain. Don’t get dizzy while reading all the different parameters and features they include. Stick to your business needs!

You will see Anycast DNS, Reverse DNS, Secondary DNS, Dynamic DNS, security features like DNS failover, DNSSEC, and many more. Be sure you understand their purpose, then analyze if you need them.

5. Customer servicе

To administrate the DNS is not the easiest task. A little mistake or failure when you have that special sale could be tragic if it’s not fixed. Prefer providers that support you 24/7, and be sure they speak your language or a common one.


Choosing the best DNS provider for you can be easier if you keep these 5 tips and your business needs in mind. Remember, without a solid DNS base, you can experience lots of issues later. Check and compare different choices. The best provider is the one that better suits your specific needs and budget!

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