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DNS downtime (DNS outage) – What is it and how to avoid itDNS downtime (DNS outage) – What is it and how to avoid it

DNS downtime: Meaning

A DNS outage, also known as DNS downtime, is when the DNS is not functioning correctly. This implies that the IP address won’t be visible if you look for the domain name. Users will instead utilize DNS requests to find your domain. The domain’s authoritative nameserver will be requested by the DNS recursive server, but it will not respond and instead receive an error message.


DNS propagation: What is it, and how to check it?DNS propagation: What is it, and how to check it?

Do you know what is exciting? Waiting hours and even days at a time, pressing refresh!

Said no one ever. Waiting is a daunting task nobody likes, but sometimes, there is nothing that you can do. When it comes to DNS, DNS propagation is the time to refresh, and it depends on an important factor. Would you like to know which?

Why the DNS propagation takes so long?


5 DNS record types you should implement5 DNS record types you should implement

From what we know,  there are a lot of DNS record types. They are a critical component of the Domain Name System process. In this article, we will define them and discuss which types of records are most important.

DNS record – what is it?

DNS records are text instructions kept in zone files that allow domain names to be resolved to IP addresses (A record and AAAA record). They are very light and simple to edit (if necessary) and depend on the type of query. In view of the fact that computers are not human, they use records to understand and read texts. That is, they convert the written file into numbers that machines can interpret.


5 Tips for choosing the best DNS provider for you5 Tips for choosing the best DNS provider for you

Choosing a quality DNS provider is an important decision. If your next plan is to conquer the Internet, you definitely need DNS infrastructure to land in the cyber world. The DNS will be the foundation to build your business. That’s why you have to make an informed choice.

There are different aspects to consider, but here you have 5 tips that can guide your search! 


​DNS zone file – an overview​DNS zone file – an overview

​DNS zone file

DNS zone file, also known as the master file (RFC 1035), is a simple text file that defines a particular DNS zone by including all DNS resource records (RR) for that zone. This DNS zone file is located on the primary name server. Any changes to the domain name are performed at the primary DNS zone that is located in the primary name server. They are modifications to the DNS zone files. Adding or removing DNS RR will change the content of the zone file.