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Choosing a TLD: What is it important?

You will find many tips on how to choose a domain name. Sometimes the list can go all the way to 15 and even 20 things to consider before getting a TLD. But what is really important when choosing a TLD?

How much does the TLD cost in the long run?

The price is extremely important. There are many generic TLDs with a very low initial price and have a double, triple, or even higher price when you renew them. Pay attention, when you are first registering a domain name, what will be the price after the first year. Look for underwater rock on time.

Is the TLD limiting your market?

A local TLD like .gr for Greece or .co.uk for the United Kingdom is not bad if you are going to sell on these markets. But do you have ambitions for a global brand? A TLD for one market won’t be shown so much in the searches from other countries. In that case, going for something more international like .com or a generic TLD like .pro, .biz, etc., might be a better option. Of course, not all businesses strive to become global leaders, but it is a good point to consider before buying your first domain name.

Is it important to match my already existing brand?

Yes! If you already have a company and want to register a domain name, pay a lot of attention to the domain’s name and extension. Yes, you can combine the domain name and the TLD, but don’t misspell your company’s name. Better go for a less popular TLD than choosing a .com domain with a clear error in the name. This could open the door for scammers. It might make your clients feel insecure and lead to problems.

Are there TLDs that are related to certain industries?

There are many generic TLD that are specially created for different industries. You can choose one of them and easily show that your site is about a specific topic. See the following examples:

.cloud – for cloud services.

.fun – for entertainment businesses.

.dev – for development.

.news – for a news site.

.tech – for technology.

.tv – for video productions.

.shop – for e-commerce site.

.consulting – for consulting services.

.blog – for bloggers.

.finance – finance.

.events – for organizing events.

.solar – for solar companies.

Does the TLD affect the SEO?

No! No matter which TLD you choose, it won’t affect the SEO of your website. It is true that speed is a factor, but the first part of the DNS resolution, which involves the DNS TLD servers, won’t take so much time. Choosing the right hosting with enough computing power is far more important. Also, make sure it is located close to your visitors too. Those two factors affect far more SEO than the choice of TLD.

Does it make a difference, from which domain registrar do I purchase a domain?

Yes, it does matter. The prices are usually very similar, but it is important to choose a registrar that you could communicate with easily. Sometimes you need to add or remove a DNS record. Other times you are experiencing problems, and you need some assistance. You need a registrar with good customer service. Such a provider who really cares about customer satisfaction will help you when you are in trouble.


Now it is easier to find the right domain name and TLD. Pay attention to the right combination between the domain name and the TLD, your budget, and your future ambitions, and you will make the right decision.

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